Skeleton-Hand With Golden Biker Rings

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This great ring features a complete skeleton hand - and this hand is wearing rings! A ring with rings (one skull ring, one iron cross ring) - that drives me mad - and it just looks so gorgeous. The rings of this ring are made of high quality brass - the hand is made of solid 925 sterling silver.

Weigth: about 19g
Width of the front / motive: about 20mm / ~ 0,79 inch

Handmade from pure 925 Sterling silver. Details made from high quality brass.

Biker Rings, Rocker Rings, Medieval-Rings, Gothic Rings, Templar-Rings, Celtic Rings - Only The Best Quality

We founded evilrings for a simple reason: We LOVE heavy high quality biker jewelry and we always wondered why it's so hard to find really good stuff. Biker rings have to be heavy - and they have to look awesome. And you need some serious service. If you spend lots of money for high quality jewelry, you want to make sure that your shipment will make through customs. And you want to be sure that you can return it for a full refund if it simply does not fit or if you do not like it.
We offer reliable German Quality Service 

Our rings are made of solid 925 Sterling Silver - guaranteed! All rings are crafted entirely by hand. Some are rhodium plated, others are gold plated. In some cases we also use high quality brass for small details - you will find information about this in the product description. 

For our gems and jewels, we use high quality cubic zirconia that look the original rubys, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, topaz and so on. It is an optically flawless synthesized material and it looks like the most expensive original gemstones.

Real Gems / Sold Gold Rings

We offer rings with real gemstones on request. Just contact us and tell us what you are looking for!
Solid gold versions are available too. Since gold is heavier than silver, our heavy rings will need a serious amount of gold. Depending on the ring and the god quality you wish, a gold version will cost between 1.000 and 10.000 Euro.

Gold Plating

For many rings we offer complete or partly gold plating as an option with extra cost. This individual gold plating will be covered by a special varnish seal, so it will last much longer than common gold plating. If you buy a gold plated ring, please keep in mind that the gold plating will wear off over time. To make sure it will last as long as possible, please make sure that you never polish gold plated areas heavily and avoid contact with other materials as much as possible (Do not wear gold plated rings inside of gloves for example).

The best ring cases for the best rings!

Rings with a gross price of 100 Euro or 132 USD (84 Euro net or 111 USD net) or above will be shipped in our high quality jewelry case without additional cost!
For cheaper rings, we offer our jewelry case at the base price. Order it here if you want to make a great gift or if you want a perfect home for your ring.

Bracelets other than leather bracelets or bangles with a gross price of more than EUR 130 or USD 171 will be shipped in a high quality bracelet case with evilrings branding.

All other kind of jewelry will be shipped in synthetic leather bags with an evilrings seal.

How to determine your ring size:

If you already own a well fitting ring, you can measure its size like this:
Put the ring on a ruler or on a measuring tape and check the inner diameter ("Ø-Size") in milimeters (mm). 

Please note that rings with a wide ringband require an additional cirumference of 1 or 2 mm compared to small rings or hollowed out ones.

To make sure to choose the correct size, just visit your local juwelry store and ask them to check your ringsize(s).

Size adjustments:

We offer size adjustments for most of our rings. Please note that this is an individualization. You could still return a ring that we size-adjusted for you, but only if you did choose a "common" size - and we can not return the fee for the size adjustment. If you are unsure if you need a size adjustment, please consider ordering a ring without adjustment. You could ask any local jewelry to adjust the ring for you later, if necessary.
If you want us to do a size adjustment and your size is missing for a specific ring, please contact us.

Size conversion table:

Please see detailed information about ringsizes and a conversion table for many countries at wikipedia: (opens in a new window)

Worldwide shipping with insurance!

All our shipments will be made with insurance. Your money is always safe. If a shipment gets lost on the way to you, you will get a complete refund. Please note that we are not responsible for faulty shipments and if a shipment gets lost, it might take several weeks until the money will be returned. That's out of our control. More than 99% of our shipments do not get lost!

If you choose "gold plating" for one ore more rings, we will do the gold plating individually and manually for you. Depending on our actual utilization, gold plating will take us about 10 additional 10 weekdays until we can ship your order.

Foreign Countries (Non-Germany) *

The following prices are net - for EU regions, they will be charged with 19% additional VAT. Others countries: See the note below this table.

Shipping costs: 7,95 Euro / 10.72 USD
Orders over 200,00 Euro / 269.74 USD: Free Shipping!

Delivery Time: see German DHL-Information
(Table of delivery times start at page 20)


Foreign Countries EXPRESS*

The following prices are net - for EU regions, they will be charged with 19% additional VAT. Others countries: See the note below this table.

Shipping costs region 1 (EU): 36,03 Euro / 48.59 USD
Shipping costs region 2 (Rest Europe, Northamerika): 54,93 Euro / 74,08 USD
Shipping costs region 3 (China): 66,30 Euro / 89.42 USD
Shipping costs region 4 (Rest of world): 85,45 Euro / 115.25 USD

Delivery time: see German DHL-Information  (Table of delivery times start at page 5)

* Shipping to non-EU regions

Shipping to non-EU regions is as prescribed by § 4 Abs. 1 a UStG without German VAT. So your invoice will contain only net-values. Your shipment is liable to duty and tax, payed by you as importer. Please check your national law!


Shipping Cost: 3,95 Euro / 5.33 USD
Orders over 100,00 Euro / 134.87 USD: Free Shipping
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Shipping Cost: 14,85 Euro / 20.03 USD
Delivery time for orders placed until 11:00 am: 1 business day

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