Our jewelry is made from solid 925 Sterling silver - guaranteed! All rings are crafted entirely by hand. 

For our gems and jewels, we use high quality cubic zirconia that look the original rubys, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, topaz and so on. It is an optically flawless synthesized material and it looks like the most expensive original gemstones.


Real Gems / Sold Gold Rings

We offer rings with real gemstones on request. Just contact us and tell us what you are looking for! But usually we will suggest that you ask a local jeweler to insert a real stone for you. The reason is simple: If you spend some money in real gems, you should be able to see what you buy before you do.

Solid gold versions are available too. Since gold is heavier than silver, our heavy rings will need a serious amount of gold. Depending on the ring and the god quality you wish, a gold version will cost between 2.000 and 10.000 Euro.


Gold Plating

For many rings we offer complete or partly gold plating as an option. Please see the "Accessories" tab of the ring that you desire. This individual gold plating will be covered by a special varnish seal, so it will last much longer than common gold plating. If you buy a gold plated ring, please keep in mind that the gold plating will wear off over time. Usually this can happen within weeks - thanks to our varnish seal it should last much longer. Years, if you follow these instructions:

  • Never polish a gold plated ring - clean it only very carefully, without using any acids or polishing fluids
  • Do not wear gold plated rings inside of gloves
  • Do not clean gold plated rings in any kind of electric devices