Gorilla With Steel Helmet - HUGE Bikerring

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Dear lover of decent silver jewelry - it's about time for a new superlative in terms of our... more
"Gorilla With Steel Helmet - HUGE Bikerring"

Dear lover of decent silver jewelry - it's about time for a new superlative in terms of our collection. Currently (early 2016) this is by far the heaviest ring in our collection. To get an idea of its weight, pick nine 1 US Dollar coins or nine 1 EURO coins and imagine this would be a single ring.

If you are a biker - or a gorilla - and if you think you can handle this weight, than you should go for this baby. Filigree details for the gorilla and a big, highly polished area of the helmet just look amazing in contrast. With this rock, your finger could shine like a mirror - or hit like a sledge hammer ;)


Important notes:

  • We create this ring to order and it would mean additional cost if you would need a size adjustment once the ring is finished. So please visit a local jeweler or jewelry store to have your finger measured exactly before you order.
  • We need about 5 to 6 weeks to create this ring for you - please have some patience!
  • In some (rare) cases we might have some sizes in stock. If a size is in stock, you will see "Ready to ship today" above the price.
  • The ring always comes with our premium evilrings jewelry case.
  • If you are interested in gold plated or especially partly gold plated versions, please see the accessories tab. If you purchase a partly gold plating, please let us know wich parts of the ring you wish to be gold plated (For example: "Gorilla only" or "Helmet only" or whatever you like). Please acknowledge that ordering a gold plating will extend the delivery time by another 1-2 weeks.


Weight: about 69 (!) g
Height (Front): 32 mm (1.2 inches)
Width: 26 mm (1 inch)
Thickness (Front): 13 mm (0.5 inch)
Width of the ring band: 9 mm (0.35 inch)

Made by hand from solid Sterling silver

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