Viking Skull Ring With Separate Helmet Ring

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We received so much great feedback for our biker skull ring with bandana that we needed to make... more
"Viking Skull Ring With Separate Helmet Ring"

We received so much great feedback for our biker skull ring with bandana that we needed to make another "double-ring". And since we are living in the northern part of Germany, we had the idea of a viking ring in our mind for a long time. So now let's look at what we did create this time:

  • The skull ring is made from solid AG 925 silver and it's not hollowed out from the inside. (Of course not!)
  • This death's head is anatomically correct. And chances are great that its amount of details will beat every other skull ring you ever saw before!
  • Since we care so much about the details, every single step of the finnishing process is done manually.
  • The band of the skull is decorated with two words written in runes. These rune-words are "sōmi", meaning "Honor", and "eljan", meaning "Courage".
  • And then look at this helmet: Made from solid bronze and finnished in such an outstanding manner that you will think that you are holding a real mini-helmet in your hands.
  • Now about the horns: Certainly, horns on viking helmets are a hollywood thing. Only Jarls (something like clan leaders) did wear decorated helmets sometimes. But then: They just look so f*cking awesome! So we decided to create this ring with horns - and let you decide if you wish to order it with or without horns. If you want this ring without horns, just leave us a note using the comment field that you find during your checkout process in this online shop. 


Important notes:

  1. We create this ring to order and it is very difficult and expensive to change the ringsize afterwards. Please visit a local jeweler or jewelry store to have your finger measured exactly befor you order.
  2. We need about 6 weeks to create this ring for you - please have some patience! To have a perfect fit for the helmet, we first create your skull ring and do the helmet ring in a second step. This takes some time and guarantees a perfect product as you expect it.
  3. In some (rare) cases we might have some sizes in stock. If a size is in stock, you will see "Ready to ship today" above the price.
  4. The ring (Skull with helmet) always comes with our premium evilrings jewelry case.
  5. Bronze (the helmet) oxidizes pretty fast, especially when you do not wear the ring for a while. It will get a little bit darker and won't be very glossy anymore. Looks great this way too, but if you prefer a shiny look, just use a silver cleaning cloth (we ship one for free with this ring). Within seconds the helmet will be glossy again.
  6. If you want a version without the horns on the helmet you can order this ring now and just leave us a comment during the checkout process.


Height of the skull (front): 23 mm (0.9 inches)
Width of the ring band of the skull (back): 9 mm (0.35 inch)
Height of the helmet (front): 26 mm (1.0 inch)
Width of the ring band of the helmet (back): 4 mm (0.16 inch)

Total height of the skull with helmet: 33 mm (1.3 inches)Total width of the ring band on the back for the skull with helmet: 13mm (0.51 inch)

Weight of the skull ring: 25 g
Weight of the helmet: 22 g

The skull ring is made from solid AG 925 silver. The helmet is made from solid bronze.

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Customer evaluation for "Viking Skull Ring With Separate Helmet Ring"
29 Aug 2017


Dieser Ring ist kurz gesagt absolute Weltklasse.Danke an diese kreativen Köpfe,die diesen Entwurf auf Papier gebracht haben,und an die "Handwerker" die den Entwurf so geil umgesetzt haben.Ihr seid Superstars.Mir persönlich ist jeder Cent den ich dafür bezahlt habe scheißegal,Kohle kommt und geht,dieses Baby aber wird mich viele Jahre begleiten.Danke dafür!!Zum Erstkontakt sei noch gesagt:Alle Fragen wurden sehr schnell und überkomplett beantwortet,das ist nicht selbstverständlich.Ihr seid ein geiles Team.Die besten Grüße aus dem schönen Ösiland und immer genug Asphalt am Ende der Kurve! See you in Faak.Klaus

15 Sep 2015


The ring is simply amazing, it worth it every euro. If you have other rings, they will look like nothing compared to this one.
The only con I find is the difficulty, or impossibility, of fixing the size if needed. However, this is part of the ring because of the materials and design.

And the people of this store are really friendly, helpful and professional, don't hesitate to contact them for any questions.

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